7 Free Ways to Promote Your Events Online

Posted on Tue 17 July 2018 at 2.25PM
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Free event promotion

We have put together these tips for getting your online event promotion sorted, and the best part is they're free!

1. Create an event page that stands out

Your event page should do much of the selling for you. It should answer any questions that potential customers may have. So make sure it displays all the essential info, including the start time, venue address and a description of the event.

Make it visually interesting too, by including event images and using your own event colours to complement your own website and social media. A well presented event page will go a long way in getting those valuable secured ticket sales.

2. Help people find your venue easily

This is a query we often get asked. Customers who are new to buying your event tickets may not know that they need to use the side entrance or that your performance location is 50 metres down the road from your sat nav postcode.

With TicketSource, you can customise the Google map on your tickets by manually moving the pin to show customers exactly where they need to go to attend the event.

3. List all your events together

If you organise lots of events, listing them all in one location can allow customers to quickly browse all that you have to offer. If you list some online and list some in your brochures, customers may miss out on a production they had no idea you were putting on.

By having your events listed in one place, you can simply add new events to your page as they come along. Having all your events together can even encourage more purchases as customers can simply click 'continue shopping' to buy tickets for your other events whilst you have their attention.

By using our Facebook TicketShop app, you can integrate your TicketSource sales page into your Facebook Page or website, to offer customers a seamless ticket buying journey. Find out more about how to use the app with our Using TicketShop guide.

4. Increase the reach of your event

Post a link to your listings page whenever you mention your tickets online. You want to make it as easy as possible for you to secure those advanced ticket orders. You'll most definitely have an events blog or forum for events in your area. So find it and get posting! Encourage your team to spread the word about your events. 

Never underestimate the power of 'word of mouth' recommendations. People are far more likely to trust what their friends and family say than what promotions say, so think about offering incentives to encourage people to push your event out there.

Once you publish your event we automatically push it to What's On listings sites, ents24.com, eventful and The List to further increase the reach of your event.

5. Use social media to create a 'buzz'

Your social media is a great place to share interesting things about your event with the aim of driving your advance ticket sales. See what people respond to most, and post more of what works. Do people like seeing photos of the costumes, or they more interested in watching little video snippets of rehearsals? 

Take the time to get some good photos or video footage of the event location, and some photos of the set and dress rehearsals. It'll give customers an idea of what to expect from your event and it's visual content they'll hopefully want to share on their own social media.

Social networks have handy in-built tools for measuring the success of your social media efforts, so you can easily see the type of posts that perform the best with your audience. Consider using a hashtag that people can use to get involved with promoting your event. Just remember to check before you start posting that it's not being used elsewhere for an unrelated topic which may be inappropriate!

6. Offer a discount

Give some thought to offering discounts before you set your ticket sales live. You can boost your advance ticket sales with an 'early bird' offer, where customers who book early can enjoy a price reduction. Or you could choose to bundle other items into the ticket price to incentivise purchase. For example, a free t-shirt for a fundraiser registration or a free interval drink for a theatre performance. 

Think about what your audience would want and what would encourage them to part with their hard-earned money. If you decide to offer discounts, this also gives you something to shout about on social media.

7. Utilise promotional emails

If you already have a marketing list of consenting customers, you can put this to good use to keep potential customers in the loop about your upcoming events. Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth. The people you send the promotional email to, may be excited about the event and chat to their friends about it. However, these friends probably won't have received the direct ticket link from your email, so make it easy for people to book tickets on your website with a prominent BUY TICKETS button, or by embedding the TicketShop app into the page.

If you'd like to start promoting your events online, see what TicketSource can do to help you.

Start selling tickets for your event online at Ticketsource 

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