7 Tips to Sell More Tickets to Your Event Using Social Media

Posted on Fri 6 July 2018 at 2.50PM
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social media sell tickets

Lots of people are prompted to buy their tickets as a direct result of something they saw on social media. 

So if you're running an event and not using social media to promote it, you're missing out on opportunities to spread awareness and gather advance ticket sales.

Here's our handy guide to help you sell more tickets to your event using Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Event page

If you haven't already done so, it's well worth setting up a Facebook Event page. This is a great place to post photos and videos related to your event to build anticipation. 

Remember to make it easy for potential customers to buy tickets whilst you have their attention, by including a link to your tickets.

2. Integrate your listings into your Facebook page

Make it even easier for your customers to buy tickets by integrating your listings into your Facebook Page. 

With our TicketShop app, potential customers can browse your listings without having to leave Facebook.

Facebook event integration

3. Use video content

Video is fast becoming more popular and sharable than photographs. Think about how you can integrate this into your social media posting. These could be clips from rehearsals, quotes from your performers and speakers, or whatever tends to resonate with your audience. 

If you're not sure which type of post performs best, take a look at the analytics tools within your social media accounts.

4. Share & Engage

Encourage your staff and performers to share your posts to extend the visibility of your events beyond just your existing followers. Potential customers can then comment on the posts, tagging their friends to let them know about the events, further extending the reach.

5. Gain free promotion from @TicketSource

Your events will automatically be promoted on Twitter by us three times. The day after you listed it, 7 days before the event and the day of the event. Keep an eye out for these and retweet them to all your followers. 

Add @TicketSource to your own tweets and we'll retweet them on our regional feeds to event-goers in your area.

6. Gain exposure through competitions

Have you considered running a competition, giving your audience the chance to win tickets to your event? 

Competitions won’t cost you much but could produce great results, in terms of generating awareness and interest in your event. It'll also provide you with some exciting content to publish to get people's attention.

7. Document your event

By following these tips and continuing to actively promote your event, you're bound to start seeing an increase in your advance ticket sales. But don't forget to get some footage/photos of the event in progress.  

Creating a post-event buzz on social media by sharing photos and clips from the event will help keep your audience engaged. Plus this is the perfect time to ask for feedback about what could be improved as well as what they loved. 

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