Q&A: Romsey Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

Claire Boot | Posted on Wed 17 April 2019 at 4.11PM
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The Plaza Theatre in Romsey is home to the Romsey Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (RAODS), a thriving group who stage a production every month in this stylish 231-seater art deco venue. Alan Rimmer, Box Office and Front-of-House Manager, explains how TicketSource takes care of their ticket sales.

When did RAODS start using TicketSource?

We’ve had TicketSource in place for about eight years. Before then, it was all paper tickets. Our tickets are sold through the Visitor Information Centre in the town centre as well as through our box office in the Plaza Theatre, so there used to be a lot of liaison on show days and big stacks of tickets waiting to be collected. The process was a bit of a nightmare, and automating it with TicketSource made things much easier. In addition to our own shows, we have visiting companies at the Plaza, including live music and youth productions, and we manage the box office for these performances through TicketSource too.

Do you use any of the system’s special features?

Last year, we started a pre-theatre meal deal with Koh Thai, a local restaurant that’s only five minutes’ walk from the theatre. The deal is set up as a sundry item on TicketSource, enabling customers to select the meal deal at the same time as booking their seats, and the voucher is printed on the ticket. For £12, you get a starter and a main at the restaurant and then, when you come to the show, you get a free ice cream as your dessert! At the end of the month, Koh Thai invoices us for the number of meal deals that they’ve done. It works well for us, and it’s brilliant for our customers – both myself and the restaurant have been surprised at how popular it’s become. Everybody who’s used the deal has been very complimentary about it.

Are your customers happy with TicketSource?

I’ve never had any issues raised with me at all from people having a bad experience with TicketSource, which is great. Occasionally, people will not receive their email ticket as they have slightly misspelt their email address. The handy thing is, I can go into the booking and change it for them, and then they get the ticket.

Have you contacted TicketSource for support?

One Saturday night, I was setting something up on TicketSource and it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I decided to drop them an email, thinking they would get back to me on Monday. But ten minutes later I had a reply, which was totally unexpected, and I was able to sort the issue out straightaway. Whenever I’ve phoned up, it’s been a really positive experience. They seem to know exactly what I’m talking about, which is always a bonus.

Would you recommend TicketSource to other event organisers?

Certainly, no qualms at all. I’m quite fond of the system – it’s very user-friendly. And if you come across anything that’s not clear, there’s always somebody available to help.

For more information about RAODS, visit www.plazatheatre.com

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