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Posted on Thu 28 April 2016 at 11.07AM
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When you use an automated system, you want the reassurance that you can put your trust in that system, so you can get on with managing your event. This article provides information on the security features of TicketSource.

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Secure ticket revenue transfer

There are two options for receiving your income:

1. Full Service

Proceeds of all sales transacted via TicketSource card payment facilities are held in a segregated 'Client' bank account. This means that they are completely ring-fenced from our own working capital and booking fee income.

These arrangements are in line with best practice as specified by all major credit card companies and also by STAR (the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) of which TicketSource is a member.

This segregated structure also means that, in the unlikely event that TicketSource should ever run into financial problems, any potential creditors would have no call on, or access to the money that we are simply holding for customers and event organisers.

2. Money up front

If you prefer to receive your income upfront, simply plug in your own merchant facility with Stripe. This could be beneficial is you are reliant on this money to fund aspects of your event organisation.

If you choose to integrate Stripe, you will be still be able to use all of our facilities, however in the event of a cancellation, you would be responsible for handling customer refunds.

Ticket validation

All tickets, in all formats, have a unique booking reference number, which is listed beside the customer's name on the Front of House Report. For larger capacity events, we offer several automated options for secure ticket scanning:

1. TicketSource app – turn your smartphone into a scanner!

All tickets in all formats carry a QR code. If you want to gain the speed, convenience and accuracy of validating tickets against your database by barcode scanning, you can download our FREE app – TicketSource Express – which turns your smart phone into a ticket scanner. TicketSource Express works with iPhone and iPod Touch, or any Android smartphone with an autofocus camera.

2. USB Scanners – available to buy through your account

We can supply you with a compatible barcode scanner to simply scan tickets as customers arrive.

Our intelligent software ensures that booking confirmations can't be scanned more than once, preventing unauthorised entry to your event.

Unrecognised booking confirmations are also visibly and audibly rejected. Via the Scan Report, the system can provide you with at-a-glance status updates on total, admitted and remaining tickets to be scanned.

3. Ticket Scanner Kit – multiple entry-point kit, available to loan

Venues with multiple entry points may benefit from our ticket scanning kit, which is available to loan. The device consists of a point-and-click pistol grip scanner wrapped around an iPhone. Ticket validation is facilitated via a data link to our live server using a 3G/4G mobile SIM, which is supplied as part of the package.

This solution enables you to use multiple scanners at multiple entry points, safe in the knowledge that once a ticket has been scanned then the same ticket (or copies of it) cannot be used again at any entry point.

No chance of double-booking

With TicketSource, there is no chance of double-booking seats. As soon as the seats are selected from your Seating Plan, they are locked for 20 minutes, to allow the booking to be completed.

This ensures that a customer booking online, over the phone or in-house, cannot select the same seats as someone who has already selected them, preventing double-bookings occurring.

User permissions

With TicketSource, you can add multiple users to make bookings and manage events, all through your account. You can assign different levels of permissions to different users for improved security on your account.

For example, you, the Administrator, has full control over all aspects of your account, but you could add a Box Office user, purely to take customer bookings, who would only be able to access the 'Booking' sections of the account.

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