5 ways to create special offers your customers will love!

Posted on Mon 19 September 2016 at 3.45PM
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You could plan an awesome event and organise every tiny little detail but sadly fall short of where you expected your ticket sales to be. Cue a little bit of sales promotion!

Everyone loves getting their money's worth, and discounts, freebies or even competition entries are a very effective way of encouraging ticket purchase, and even attracting a new audience who may be tempted by the offer alone.

Special offers need to be carefully managed from the outset. They need to walk the line between being effective to enable you to benefit from the promotion, but also ensure your customers feel they've got a good deal.

Make the offer exclusive

Customers like to feel that they've got value from their purchase, so if you have a large capacity event, consider selling tickets in price waves. For example, a limited number of first release tickets at £20, a second release at £22, and the final wave at £25. This encourages customers to book early and builds excitement for the event.

Don't discount too much

Remember to keep in mind that discounts will affect the profitability of your events. So offering too many or too high a discount could have huge implications on ticket revenue. Make sure you factor the cost implications of discounts into your overall promotional budget from the outset to ensure you don't run into financial difficulties.

The offer needs to be attractive and represent good value to customers but it shouldn't jeopardise your margins.

Spread the word for free tickets

Another way of extending the reach of your event is to encourage people to share your event. Consider running a competition where you offer a chance to win a limited number of free tickets in exchange for Facebook Page likes and shares or Twitter retweets.

You get the social sharing benefit of this by extending the reach beyond your usual audience and your potential customers feel good as they have a chance to win some free tickets.


There may be many customers who are interested in your events but just need a little bit of motivation to part with their money, so an effective freebie or package deal will definitely appeal to these customers and in turn increase the bottom line of your event.

Depending on the event, give some thought to what customers would like to see as part of the offering. For example, a free snack at a sports game, a complimentary interval drink at a theatrical performance, or even a free t-shirt at a gig.

Setting objectives

Think about what you're hoping to achieve with your special offers. Is it simply to increase ticket sales? Or are you looking to gain a new audience? Looking to build loyalty in existing customers? If you determine objectives in advance, you'll be better placed to be able to meet your goals.

Earlier in the article we mentioned needing to carefully manage special offers from the outset. This also means tying up the promotion at the end by analysing what worked and what didn't. Keeping an eye on how all your promotions performed will enable you to continually monitor the effectiveness of your special offers.

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