The Top 16 Free Event Listing Websites in the UK

Andrew Stuckey | Posted on Thu 25 April 2019 at 11.00AM
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One of the cheapest ways to market an event is to make use of free event listing platforms. These 16 free and easy to use resources can help maximise the reach of your event and increase your event ticket sales via a variety of marketing channels, such as search engines, email and social media.

  1. Ents24

Ents24 is one of the most widely used ticket buying platforms for gigs, shows and events in the UK. As the UK’s biggest live guide, Ents24 is a fantastic platform to get your events seen. Over a million people every month utilise their service to find out what’s on in their local area, so this platform could expand the reach of your event by a significant margin.

When you create an event on TicketSource, we automatically send your event data to for their event listing consideration.

  1. The List 

When you sign up and add your event on TicketSource, we’ll also automatically send your event to a second great free UK event listing website on our list for their consideration, The List.

Focusing on events and entertainment, The List publishes and distributes information on events to its audience of over 2.2 million unique users.

  1. Eventful

The third of the free event listing website TicketSource automatically send your event data to for consideration, is Eventful. This website shows users local events happening in their particular area, while also utilising an algorithm to push out events they might be interested in based on previous choices.

It showcases a huge selection of various types of events and your specific event will feature in Eventful’s Weekly Event Guide, which promises to be seen by ‘tons of people in your local area’.

  1. Facebook Events

The next place you should seek to pop your event is on the Facebook Events platform. 41% of Facebook users engage with events each month. Not only that, but the great thing about this is that you can personally invite friends and family through your Facebook profile and encourage them to share your event.

It also allows potential customers to register their ‘interested’ in your event. With TicketSource’s TicketShop app, you can integrate your TicketSource sales page straight into your Facebook Page to offer customers a seamless buying journey.

Facebook events also provide a handy set of analytics, so you can monitor the reach that your event is getting organically and determine whether or not it’s worth putting some budget behind it to increase your potential customer base.

  1. TickX

Adding your event to TickX, for free, will also help you increase your events reach and visibility. As a fairly new event listing website, TickX has grown substantially over the past couple of years, making it an excellent, simple and hassle free listing website to add your event. 

TickX also searches and compares almost 100 websites to find the best ticket prices for customers looking to buy tickets for music, theatre, cimema, comedy events and much more! 

  1. Evvnt

Evvnt is an exceptional free ticket website to list your event on. Once you’ve manually uploaded your event it will automatically post it out to thousands of event listing sites and calendars’, including Touch Local, Yahoo and Bing, helping to put your event in front of a great prospective audience.

Evvnt is particularly useful for pushing your event out to users in the local area, potentially increasing the chance of ticket sales.

  1. The Best Of

If you want your event to generate local attention, then The Best Of is a great free platform to use. It’s incredibly easy to get yourself set up, and you can do so with either a Twitter or Facebook account.

The Best Of allows users to search by local area, presenting them a selection of events which are available to them.

It’s worth noting that all event listings need to be modified and verified when using this platform, so it’s best to factor in some time for this into your event marketing plan.

  1. TimeOut London

If you’re planning an event in London, then TimeOut London is a great, well-known platform to utilise in order to gain traction for your event.

It is a brilliant option for both locals and tourists and will categorise your event by genre, letting prospective ticket buyers browse a selection of events which might be of interest to them. Users can also browse by date, ensuring last-minute buyers don’t miss out. 

Time Out has a combined audience of more than 3 million fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which means the prospective reach for your event is quite substantial.

Not only that but for fifty years, Time Out has been the go-to destination to find out what’s on in London. So, if you’re planning your event in London, this is the perfect platform to utilise to attract a London audience.

  1. Museum Crush

If you’re hosting an event in a museum, gallery or heritage site, then Museum Crush is an excellent free platform to attract prospective ticket purchasers.

Each week, Museum Crush sends out a digest containing up and coming events listed on the site to a captive audiences. This means you could benefit from an additional free email campaign - alongside your TicketSource MailChimp integration

The audience is all individuals who have specified they want to know about these types of events, which means an element of targeting has already been done for you.

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  1. Wherecanwego

Wherecanwegois a free, quick and easy-to-use event website which lets users see what’s on in any destination in the UK for any specific date range, helping them to plan any upcoming trips they might have.

Not only does it immediately list the event as soon as you’ve inputted the details, but it will display your event to users through a number of different search filters - location, date and type of event.

Wherecanwego lets you upload your listings several months in advance, so is a great place to advertise events with a long lead time to maximise your reach.

It also archives previous events, which lets potential customers know about your company even after your event has passed while presenting you with all the information you need if you’re looking to run the event again in the future.

  1. Brit Events

It doesn’t matter whether you have one specific event to add or an entire list of them, Brit Events is a free platform that lets you upload listings with ease.

It will organise your event by genre as well as by location, letting your prospective ticket buyers find your event in a few different ways. Brit Events regularly attracts thousands of visitors a day, which means that you could put your event in front of a prospective audience of many thousands.

Sign up is incredibly simple and you can advertise events of all scales on Brit Events, whether you’re running a car boot sale or a full festival.

  1. Yelp

Yelp has a monthly average of 33 million unique users in the last quarter of 2018, and uses automated software to recommend businesses and events to its vast community.

Once your listing has been uploaded, Yelp will allow users to search through various categories and event types, including the likes of performing arts and food and drink events.

  1. Choose your event

Choose Your Event is an exceptional platform for promoting events to a local audience. You can quickly and easily submit your event or any number of events, and it will be amended and approved by one of their teams.

Once your event is live, you can amend or delete as many events as you wish. You can put a ticket booking link into your listing and an email address to encourage prospective attendees to get in touch with any queries.

Its built-in dashboard for advertisers lets you view the statistics of your listing so that you can monitor the number of views your event is getting. Choose Your Event attracts more than 2.6 million unique users to their portfolio of websites each year, which promises a substantial prospective audience for your local events.

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  1. Songkick

Songkick is reserved specifically for musical events or for bands/artists. If your event fits these criteria then it’s a fantastic free event platform for you to use as part of your marketing campaign.

Songkick will show users which musical events are available in their areas, and also let them register their interest in your act so that they will automatically be notified for your next event.

  1. Bands in Town 

Another platform which is specific to musical artists is Bands in Town. It’s an incredibly simple, yet effective platform, where you can add your event listings for free.

Bands in Town organise its events by genre or by location, letting users search who is playing near them. Not only that, but it also has an app too, providing users with another platform to potentially gain knowledge of your up and coming event too.

A great thing about Bands in Town is that you can engage with those who have RSVP’d or bought tickets to your event by contacting them directly.

  1. Drama Groups

Drama Groups is a website dedicated to supporting amateur theatre groups, societies and individuals. It is a central source of information for forthcoming shows, articles, reviews, props or costumes, groups and audition openings. You can even advertise your own script.

Amateur theatre groups can boost online visibility for forthcoming shows and performances here - simply get in touch with Drama Groups directly (via email or social media) with all the event details and they'll post them for you on their monthly performance listings section and share on their social media.

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