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Posted on Thu 14 April 2016 at 11.43AM
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Benefit from free event promotion using Facebook's event listing feature.

If you're selling tickets for an event, list your event on Facebook and you can share it directly on your company Page, increasing the visibility of your event promotion online.

With so many things to distract people on Facebook, you want potential customers to buy tickets whilst you have their attention before they move onto the next cute animal video! By including your unique TicketSource web address, you can ensure people can easily find and buy your tickets.

setting up an event

All Facebook events have a viral aspect to them, in the form of the News Feed. Set your Events from a Page (rather than your personal Profile) and people will soon start seeing it appearing in their News Feed. As people engage with the event by clicking 'Interested' or 'Going', it will start appearing in the News Feeds of their friends, and can start snowballing as more and more people become aware of the event.

Create a buzz around your event

As soon as you list the event on Facebook, the news can very quickly spread. A 'like' or a 'share' and it's soon popping up on people's News Feeds. Encourage your performers or staff to share the event and you'll soon benefit from increased visibility and hopefully more advance ticket sales.

Posting photos or video snippets of the performers or rehearsals will keep people interested in the run up to the event and will hopefully gain you more customers, as people share the event to their Timeline.

Consider adding a hashtag or two to go along with your Event and you could quickly see it start appearing more often. The hashtag also enables people to search for the event with ease. Don't overdo it though, as the meaning behind your post can be lost amidst a muddle of trendy hashtags, keep it focussed and consider what people might be searching for in order to bring your event listing up as a search result.

don't use too many hashtags

Relationship building

Creating excitement on Facebook goes a long way to building a rapport with your customers. If you organise multiple events or event runs, the content you post can help build your reputation as a great event organiser. People will have trust in your events and can recommend their friends.

You could even use this year's events as a platform to build excitement for the next year, by revealing performers or event details.

With so many people on Facebook, it's the perfect place to post the latest event updates. However, keep in mind that anything can happen with live events, whether it's a performer illness or an issue with the venue. If you need to postpone or unexpectedly cancel, you could let your customers know through the Facebook event page to keep them up to date with the latest developments. Remember to also cancel through your TicketSource account, to trigger an automatic email to be sent to those customers who provided an email address during the booking process.

As more and more people book, their contact details will automatically be compiled into your TicketSource customer database. Along with advising customers on Facebook, having their contact information gives you a choice of ways to quickly get in touch with them if something goes wrong with the event. The customer database can be downloaded at any time, giving you the most up to date list of attendees.

Tips for listing your event on Facebook

Getting started is easy, just click on 'Events' and then 'Create Event', then all you need to do is add in the event details. Invest some time in posting a good Event photo as this not only appear only the Event page but on News Feeds and Notifications too. As they say an "image is worth a thousand words", so use this as a way to convey the excitement of your event to your potential customers.

When adding the location, select the appropriate option that Facebook brings up (rather than overwriting) and this will ensure the Event shows up for people who are nearby, via the location settings Facebook uses.

Remember to add your unique TicketSource web link to turn more of that early interest into actual ticket sales.

Add a number of Event co-hosts to help extend the reach of your event. The co-hosts will be able to add photos and posts to the event page, allowing more people to add engaging content.

Using the analytics tools within Facebook will enable you to keep an eye on which type of post (video, photo, or article) gets the most 'likes' or 'shares'. You will then be able to use this knowledge to your advantage for future event promotion.

Share your Event to your Page periodically as a gentle prompt, to encourage those who have expressed an interest, but have yet to book tickets.

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