7 ways to boost your advance ticket sales

Posted on Mon 28 November 2016 at 3.47PM
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We've taken a look at some easy tips for getting those tickets sold in advance of your event.

1. Reward last year's customers

If you host an annual event, it's well worth announcing the event to last year's attendees first. These people may be your most valuable regular customers. You could even choose to offer a special discount code to get the ball rolling with early purchases.

You can export a list of customers from previous events through your TicketSource account. This will enable you to target specific groups of customers via promotional emails.

2. Offer early bird pricing

You could offer a time-limited early bird offer to encourage people to book early. Make it clear when the discount will expire. A popular tactic for festivals is to offer tickets in increasing price waves to build a sense of urgency. For example, the first would be the cheapest, and the pricing tiers gradually increase as you get closer to the event. This encourages people to book early and generates excitement towards the event for customers not wanting to miss out on the reduced ticket price.

3. Advertise your events on social media

Social media is a great way to target potential customers. If you don't want to use the paid ads feature on Facebook, you can generate interest by posting regularly and peppering your Page with relevant photos to attract attention. Encourage your staff to share posts to spread the word!

4. Keep your social media up to date

Add contact details so your customers can easily get in touch if they have queries or simply want to know more about your event. This also goes a long way to adding credibility to your event, as customers are reassured they can get in contact with you if they need to.

5. Add BOOK NOW buttons to your website and promotional emails

Customers shouldn't have to dig around to find your tickets. Make it easy for anyone to find information about your event and buy tickets by including a link in your website and promotional emails.

6. Gamify your event promotion

Consider running a competition to drive ticket sales. For example, offer a chance to win free tickets to those who share your event. Everyone loves competitions, and you'll benefit from the free promotion when people tell their friends about your event!

7. Invite local journalists to come and review the performance

Offer free tickets for local publications and you'll hopefully benefit from some free promotion to generate interest in your event. Invite them to the final dress rehearsal and the journalist's article could tie in nicely with the start of the event run.

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