Multiple Users

With TicketSource, you can add multiple users to make bookings and manage events. You can also assign different levels of permissions for improved security on your account.

  • Improve security with levels of access

  • Assign multiple users

Permissions include:

  • Administrator

    Full control over all aspects of your account

  • Box Office

    Allows the user to take customer bookings

  • Reports

    The user will be able to view and export all reports or you can set the permission to only allow limited reports to be accessed

  • Events

    Allows a user to create new events, manage existing events and produce seating plans

  • Settings

    Allows you to customise the look of your account and those added extras, such as Sundry Sales, Discount Codes and Donations

  • Scan

    With this permission set, the user has the ability to scan tickets for events. Great for front of house staff

security different levels of administrator permissions

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