Sell Tickets on Facebook using our Ticket Shop App

Your event organiser account with TicketSource has a unique URL that can link to your own sales page. The URL looks like this:

How do I insert
BUY TICKETS buttons?

To find your BUY TICKETS link, just log in to your TicketSource Dashboard and choose:

Events > Publicise Events > Web Link

You can create a link for all your events or for individual days or shows, by clicking the appropriate listing from the menu.

If you insert the URL into your post, (rather than just 'TicketSource') buttons like the one below will automatically be added to your post.

How do I embed
the TicketShop app?

To embed TicketShop into your events page on Facebook go to:

Events > Publicise Events > Add TicketShop app to your Facebook page

If you insert your unique URL into your post, then our Facebook app will automatically add a "Buy Tickets" button to the foot of your post.

You can choose between having your events in a list or displayed in a calendar. To choose the view option go to:

Settings > Events

Customers are only one click away from buying tickets for your events!