Multiple entry points at your venue?

Outdoor spaces and large venues with multiple entry points are likely to share the same key problems... uneven Wi-Fi coverage and the potential for customers to gain entry with fraudulent copies of the same ticket at different entry points.

You can resolve these problems using TicketSource Express Pro, our networked scanner kit that lets you scan tickets at multiple entry points and validate them in real time against your TicketSource account, using either a 3G/4G or WiFi connection.

The outcome of each scan appears on the scanner's screen, while the live scan report in your TicketSource account is updated instantaneously.

This solution enables you to use multiple scanners at multiple entry points, safe in the knowledge that once a ticket has been scanned then the same ticket (or copies of it) cannot be used again at any entry point.

TicketSource Express Pro - What's included in the kit?

Each scanner unit consists of a point-and-click pistol grip scanner fitted around an iPhone. You can order as many or as few units as you need.

Ticket validation is facilitated via a data link to our live server using your own WiFi if available, or via a 3G/4G mobile signal.

Preloaded 3G/4G mobile data SIMs are supplied as part of the package.

The hire cost also includes next day insured courier delivery and return.

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Hire Cost

A deposit of £750 per scanner is held against event ticket monies pending the safe return of the hardware to TicketSource. Upon satisfactory inspection of the returned hardware, the deposit will be released and transferred to your bank account.

Postage & Packaging
A small non-refundable payment is deducted from event ticket monies to cover the courier cost of getting the hardware to you, and its return to TicketSource. This is charged per-handset as follows...

TicketSource Express Pro kit
Number of headsets
P+P charge(per handset)