No Wi-Fi? Low lighting conditions? USB plugin scanners could be a cost-effective solution.

We can supply you with a compatible barcode scanner to use with TicketSource Express for Windows and TicketSource Express for Web that you simply plug into your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer. Alternatively, you can enter the booking reference directly via your keyboard.

The intelligent software ensures that booking confirmations can't be scanned more than once, preventing unauthorised entry to your event.

Unrecognised booking confirmations are also visibly and audibly rejected. The software provides you with at-a-glance status updates on total, admitted and remaining tickets.

  • Don’t worry about intermittent WiFi, using a USB scanner can validate your tickets without internet access

  • Unrecognised or fraudulent tickets are visibly and audibly rejected

  • USB scanners are available for £44.99 each + vat from within your TicketSource account

  • Works in low light environments, where the app does not (unless accompanied by the laser add-on)
Laptop showing USB ticket scanner scanning ticket

Click here to download TicketSource Express for Windows or to download the User Manual