Return of the Winemaker

Geoff Gould and Tír Na Theatre present

Return of the Winemaker

by Bernard McMullan

A small village is in turmoil. Disaster has struck. The unthinkable is happening... Jesus is going home. You see, instead of Bethlehem, Jesus was born in Ireland – Ballygoura, County Galway, to be exact. He cured a few sick goats of liver fluke in his youth and there was talk of him walking across Walsh's lake but nobody ever took him seriously until one day when he turned water into wine.

The village had struck gold and dutifully kept this quiet. The locals persuaded Jesus that his gospel would be best served by supplying every pub in the area with free alcohol to sell. They have just built a new reservoir and final plans are in place for a brewing company that would make Guinness’ look like a lemonade stand. The problem is that God and his wife Marilyn (Mrs God) need Jesus to return to heaven.

A village's quest to hold on to their most valuable son…Can Ballygoura persuade the Almighty to let Jesus stay? Maybe there is one last hope…maybe even God has a weakness at Christmas.

Produced by TirNa Theatre of Boston - and presented by Geoff Gould, founder of Blood in the Alley Theatre Company and The West Cork Fit-up Theatre Festival – 'Return of the Winemaker' is a musical comedy celebrating Christmas in the most outrageous way possible. 

What the critics say….

"An enjoyably absurd and absurdly enjoyable show….theatrical gold"
- Boston Globe

"absolutely hilarious.....Be prepared to laugh until it hurts."  - Boston Stages

"It’s like a holiday themed, B-movie version of The Big Lebowski........I practically pulled a muscle laughing." - New England Theatre

"Gift of the season.... Each of the principal players are terrific" - Broadway World

"A brutally funny piece of work..... The performances are first rate."
- Boston Events Insider

Tickets: €15, €12 concession.*

*Concession tickets can be bought directly from the Cork Arts Theatre box office.

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