Sex In The Seventies

Wednesday 9th August to Saturday 12th August

LUNCH: Wednesday to Friday - 12.30pm
SUPPER: Friday and Saturday - 8pm

Sex In The Seventies

by Linda Waller

It is 1977. Eighteen-year-old, first year university students, Robbie and Louise fall head-over-heels in love over a shared passion for music, movies and trashy TV. Kate Bush and The Sex Pistols are in the charts. Starsky and Hutch and Are You Being Served are on the telly.

It should be a match made in heaven but their friends are bent on sabotaging the fledging relationship and conflict between Robbie’s middle-class English parents and Louise’s noisy, extended, Irish Catholic family don’t help the situation.  Sex In The Seventies is based around the idea that dating before the advent of mobile phones, texting and email was a very different ballgame. Since today’s swift communiques are out of the question, their turbulent relationship is conducted via a series of notes, cards and love letters.

Set against a soundtrack of punk, disco and glam rock the two soul mates struggle to stay together, but unbeknown to Louise, Robbie has a teeny-weeny secret. Re-live your memories of the decade that taste forgot or discover what it was really like to be young in the 1970s.


LUNCH: €10 (includes light lunch and show)
Lunch is served from 12.30pm. Show starts at 1.10pm.

SUPPER: €20 each or 2 tickets for €35.
Ticket price includes supper, glass of wine / soft drink,
dessert and the show.
Supper is served from 8pm followed by show at 9pm.

Evening show only (without meal) €10 per person.

All card purchases are subject to a booking fee.

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