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TicketSource is always completely free to use for Event Organisers and Venues.

If you’re running a free event there are no customer booking fees charged. Even for paid events, there is no charge to process in-house cheque or cash bookings, or to issue and record complimentary ticket allocations.

We are funded solely by the booking fee charged to customers booking online.

booking fee

*minimum £0.50 per transaction. All booking fees include VAT.

*minimum €0.50 per transaction.

*minimum $0.50 per transaction.

If you integrate your own Stripe account for payment processing we offer a reduced booking fee of 5% to offset your Stripe account fees.

Need ticket sales revenue up front?

Integrating your own Stripe account also offers the advantage of receiving the ticket revenue in advance of the event, which can be very useful if you need that cash flow to cover expenses.

Our booking fees are applied to all credit card and debit card payments. The booking fees are calculated according to the ticket prices you set:

You choose how to apply the booking fee

Booking fee is listed in addition to the ticket price
Booking fee is incorporated into the ticket price
You determine the split between added & absorbed
As a monetary amount instead of a fixed percentage

Booking fee calculator

Added fee option:
Total ticket price:
Booking fee:
Customer pays:
Total due to you:
Absorbed fee option:
Total ticket price:
Booking fee:
Customer pays:
Total due to you:

The TicketSource system will generate a sales report at the end of each booking period, showing you the itemised breakdown of your ticket sales revenue and booking fees.

Transfer of funds net of fees will be initiated on the Monday following completion of the event and should arrive in your nominated bank account on the Wednesday (or Thursday following a Bank Holiday Monday).

This gives you peace of mind that if you have to cancel an event, refunds are one less thing for you to have to deal with. TicketSource will refund all credit / debit card customers in full including their booking fee but less a small €1.00 per transaction refund fee which can be paid for by the Event Organiser or deducted from the refund amount.

The proceeds of all credit and debit card sales transacted via TicketSource are paid into a segregated client bank account meaning that they are completely ring-fenced from our own working capital and booking fee income.

The funds relating to any given event are held in the client account until after that event has finished. That way, whenever an event is cancelled, we can make a full refund directly to the customer (inclusive of our booking fees and card transaction fees).

These arrangements are in line with best practice as specified by all major credit card companies and also by STAR (the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) of which TicketSource is a member.

This segregated structure also means that, in the unlikely event that TicketSource should ever run into financial problems, any potential creditors would have no call on, or access to the money that we are simply holding for customers and event organisers.

Stripe is a company that provides a way for individuals and businesses to accept payments, and you can now integrate your own Stripe account with your TicketSource account.

Integrating your own Stripe account offers the advantage of receiving the ticket sales proceeds in advance of the event, which can be very useful if you need that cash flow to cover expenses that are payable in advance.

By using Stripe payment processing for your internet and/or in-house credit and debit card bookings, you’ll benefit from a 3.5% reduction in our booking fees with ticket monies being handled and deposited directly in to your bank account by Stripe (Stripe settlements are every seven days).

TicketSource will deduct the booking fee and any applicable ticket delivery fees/telephone service fees at the point of ticket purchase. The balance of the transaction will be remitted to you via Stripe, less the Stripe processing charge.

Stripe payment processing fee rates

UK/EU/EEA cards
1.4% + 25¢
per transaction
Non-European cards
2.9% + 25¢
per transaction
1.4% + 25¢
per transaction

For more information, visit the Stripe website.