Can I Add a Trailer/Video to my Event Description/Listing?

Absolutely! You can upload a trailer/video for your event and it will appear in your event description or event listing. To do this:

  • You will need to upload or find your video/trailer on YouTube (or the video-sharing website of your choice)
  • Then locate the 'Embed Code'  (you can usually find this within the 'Share' option) 
  • In your TicketSource account, hover over the "Events" tab at the top of the page and select the "Modify Event" option
  • Select the event from the drop down menu provided and click the "Modify Event" button
  • In the "Event" column, click the "Modify" button
  • In the description field, paste the 'Embed Code' along with a brief description about what it is - e.g. 'to view a preview of the event, click here!'
  • Click the "Save Changes" button

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: event listing, description, video, youtube

Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019