Capture all Attendees Details

You may want to capture details for all attendees in addition to those of the lead booker for your event. This may be particularly useful for conferences, seminars, business events, etc. 

To set your event to capture all attendees details:

  1. Head to 'Events' and select 'Modify Event'
  2. Select your event from the drop-down list
  3. In the 'Event' column, click 'Modify'
  4. Go to 'Advanced Settings'
  5. Select 'Capture the Lead Booker and All Attendee's Contact Details'
  6. You can then choose to capture specific details of the attendees':
    • Company/Organisation
    • Position/Job Title 
    • Email addresses
  7. Click 'Save Changes'

If you would like to amend the attendees' details for an existing booking:

  1. Go to 'Customer' and select 'Find Customers'
  2. Select the 'Customer Bookings' tab
  3. Select 'Actions' and choose 'Modify Attendee Details'
  4. Amend the attendee you require
  5. Press 'Save Changes'

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: attendees, booking, capture

Last modified on Fri 26 April 2019