Limit availability of a price category

When adding a price category in the Event Designer, event organisers can opt to limit the number of tickets available in the price category. For example, an 'Early Bird' price category might be limited to 100 tickets, and once they're gone they're gone! Or you might want to create a 'Front Row Only' price category, which allows customers to purchase the best seats in the house.  

Making a price category 'limited' means that customers will only be able to select the price category when it has tickets available. Once the price category is sold, it will show as Sold Out.

To limit the availability of a price category, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the 'Price Category' column, click 'Add a New Price Category'
  2. Enter the Price category description (e.g Priority Booking)
  3. Add the cost and any comments/conditions about the category 
  4. Select 'Advanced Settings'
  5. Tick the box 'Set price category total ticket availability'
  6. Enter the number of tickets available for this category
  7. Click 'Save Changes'

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: limit availability, limit

Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019