My Event is Not Showing on Public Sales Pages

If your event is live but not showing on the public facing pages, it is likely that the event is hidden from public searches.  

To change this setting, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to 'Events' and select 'Modify Event'
  2. Choose the relevant event
  3. In the 'Event' column click 'Modify'
  4. Select the 'Advanced Settings' tab
  5. Next to 'Search Criteria' ensure the 'Show event in public searches/event listings pages' box is ticked
  6. Click 'Save Changes'

Your event should now appear on our public sales pages and will show on your public facing homepage. 

Category: Creating Events

Keywords: can't find, event, Event listings, not showing, public, public search, public searches

Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019