Setting up time slot-based events

TicketSource provides a straightforward method for adding time slot or timed entry-based events (covering everything from exhibitions to ice skating rink sessions and meeting Santa)

Adding time-slot based events

To start, add a new event ("Events | New Event") via your TicketSource dashboard.

Using the event designer, add your event details and set up the event for the first time slot on the first day of your event.

Click the "copy" link under the Dates column to make a copy of the first time slot. Modify the time to reflect the next available time slot and click "save changes". Repeat this step for each of the time slots on the first day of your event.

With all of the time slots provided on the first day of your event, click "activate event". You will use this event as a template for any subsequent days of your event so it is important to ensure that the details of the first day of your event are accurate before proceeding.

To add subsequent days of your event, copy an existing event ("Events | Copy Event") via your TicketSource dashboard.

Choose the first day of your event (i.e. the template) from the existing events drop-down list. Tick the option "Set all dates on the new event to", setting the date to the next day in your event run and click "copy event".

You can make any minor modifications to the new event in the event designer before clicking "activate event".

Repeat this step for each subsequent day in your event run.

Displaying time-slot based events

For time slot-based events, we recommend presenting the event listing to customers using a calendar view. To specify the calendar view, modify your event settings ("Settings | Events") via your TicketSource dashboard.

In the event settings, set the option "Show event listings page as" in the drop-down list to "calendar view" and click "save changes".

Customers will be able to navigate the calendar to choose their preferred date and proceed to book a session from the list of available time slots on that day.

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Last modified on Mon 29 January 2018