Box Office Display Settings

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Learn more about your customising your box office

You can customise your public facing ticket sales pages to reflect your own colours or branding. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings and select Box Office Display

  2. Change the colour of your sales pages by using the listed colour schemes 
  3. Alternatively, you can customise the colour schemes by clicking on the four squares next to Background colour, Font colour, Button colour and Button font colour
  4. Upload a cover image by pressing the Upload Cover Image link
  5. Press Save Changes to apply all changes

All images uploaded must comply with our acceptable use policy:
  • Images must not contain any offensive material
  • Image files must be in JPEG (jpeg, jpg), PNG (png) or GIF (gif) format
  • Image height dimension must not exceed 200 pixels*
  • Images file sizes must not exceed 500Kb

You may need to re-size your files using a program on your computer such as Microsoft Office 'Paint'


*There is no width restriction on the image, the image will be centred and any extra width will be cut from the screen size. We recommend a width of 770 pixels as a guide.

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Last modified on Mon 15 April 2019