How to Add New Users or Modify User Access

You can set up an unlimited number of users on your account and allocate various levels of access.  We recommend that you restrict the number of Administrators on your account as Administrator profiles will have full access, including the ability to change account bank details.

To add a new user:

  • Go to "Account" | "User Accounts"
  • Select 'Add New User Account'
  • Add the required name and contact information (boxes with an orange dot are required fields)
  • You can select from a number of suggested preset profiles by selecting the 'User Profile Preset' drop down and choosing the relevant profile - i.e Box Office User, Event Manager
  • Alternatively, tick the relevant 'Communication Preferences' / 'Email Notifications' / 'Permissions' / 'User's Event Permissions' you would like associated with the user. Clicking or hovering your mouse over the 'pin' icon will reveal further information on the level of access that each option provides.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes'

To amend a user account (e.g. contact details or user permissions), follow the same steps but select 'Modify' next to the appropriate user's name on the first page.

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Last modified on Wed 19 July 2017