Payment Details

Payments for tickets sold through the TicketSource website using our merchant processing facility are made directly to your bank account upon completion of your event.  

The payment process begins the Monday following your event or event run and the money will normally show in your account as cleared funds on the Wednesday (or one day later if payment is processed over a bank holiday) of that week.

To provide your bank details in your TicketSource account:

  1. Go to 'Account' and select 'Bank Account Details'
  2. Add the account details. You will need the following details:
    • Account Name 
    • Account Number
    • Sort Code  
  3. Make special notice of your reference, as this is what will appear on your bank statement when payment is processed
  4. Press 'Save Changes'

The bank details need to be provided no later than the Sunday following your event or an event run. If payment details are added after this time your payment will be picked up in the next payment run (the following Monday).

Please note:
  • Only Administrators can add or modify bank details, therefore we advise that you limit the number of users with full Administrator access
  • If the bank details are modified at any time, an email notification will be sent to the Administrator

If you are using Stripe payment processing for your events, please use the link below to learn more: 

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Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019