Custom 'In-House' payment types

Event Organisers can now add their own custom in-house payment types into their account. You can also remove any of the predefined in-house payment types (CARD, CASH, CHEQ etc.) so long as you have not previously recorded a booking against that payment type.

To add a custom in-house payment type;

  • Go to "Account" | "Payment Processing Settings"
  • Select the "In-house Payment Settings" tab
  • Select 'Add new payment method' or click to dustbin icon to remove
  • The four point icon can slide each option to change the order
  • A default payment method can be selected which will appear when making a booking
  • Click "Save Changes"

There are 3 types of in-house payment

  • Complimentary - This will reduce the ticket price to £0.00*
  • Reservation - This option will keep the value but it will only appear in the Reservations report
  • Paid - Will add the booking with the selected payment method to your sales report

*Please note once the value has been reduced you won't be able to modify to a different payment type with the original ticket value. 

Category: Managing Bookings

Keywords: payments, inhouse

Last modified on Wed 7 September 2016