How to Re-send an e-ticket

You are able to re-send a customers e-ticket through your account:

  • Go to "Customers" | "Find Customer"
  • Search for the customer by entering their name or booking reference number in the search box (top right)
  • Select the customer from the search results
  • It may be worth double checking that the email address supplied is correct before proceeding
  • If the email address is correct, click on the 'Customer Bookings' tab
  • Next to the relevant booking, go to 'Actions' and select 'View E-ticket' from the drop down list
  • To re-send the e-ticket click the orange 'Email E-Ticket' button
  • You will be given a prompt box that states 'Are you sure you want to email the e-ticket' Click 'Yes' or 'No'
  • The e-tickets are then sent straight to the customer

Alternatively, if you know which event they are attending:

  • Click on the dashboard icon 
  • Next to the relevant event go to "Actions" | "Sales Report"
  • When you have found the customer, click on the booking reference to take you to the customers file
  • Follow the steps as described above

Category: Managing Bookings

Keywords: e-ticket, eticket, re-send

Last modified on Thu 14 July 2016