Quick Sale Bookings

"Quick Booking" is a feature that you can activate to process fast in-house bookings.  This will enable you to process a booking without collecting a customer name or contact details.  We encourage you only to use this feature immediately prior to a performance for 'on the door' bookings to help reduce queues at the Box Office.  

To activate quick booking:

  • Go to your dashboard (house icon)
  • Next to the relevant event, go to "Actions | Activate Quick Booking".
  • To turn it off, go to the relevant event select "Actions | Deactivate Quick Booking".

To use "Quick Booking", once activated:

  • Process bookings via your back office as normal.
  • On the page where you select the payment type you will now have a "book tickets" button.  By selecting this button the booking will finalise immediately without taking any customer details. 

Category: Managing Bookings

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Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016