Ticket Delivery Options

Customers booking online can choose to have their tickets sent to them by the following methods:

  • Eticket: £0.00 (Free)
  • Mobile text message: £0.50/$0.50/€0.50 charge
  • Standard Post (Tickets): £1.75 charge*
  • Standard Post (Wristbands): £1.75 charge*

TicketSource organises the delivery of these tickets. 

*TicketSource will send your customers' tickets by standard post to their billing address, this option is available up to 96 hour prior to an event (UK only)

For 'In-House' bookings, customers are issued etickets if you enter an email address. The eticket can also be printed at the end of the booking from your computer. Alternatively if you have a thermal ticket printer and have installed TicketSource PrintServer this will provide you with the option to print thermal tickets for your customers.

You can modify your ticket delivery options for online bookers by going to:

  • "Settings" | "Tickets"
  • Modify as required 
  • Click 'Save Changes'

Category: Managing Bookings

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Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016