Archive old events

When selecting to run various reports, you will find that all past events will be showing on your drop-down menu.  If you have a significant number of past events and would like to tidy up your account by archiving these old events (e.g. events from a previous financial year), go to:

  • "Events | Archive old events".
  • You will see a list of your past events.  Any event that is unticked will be archived.  Leave ticked any event that you do not want to archive at this stage.
  • Click "save changes" to archive.

The archived events will no longer appear on your drop-down menu in reports or in 'current and past events' on your dashboard and various other TicketSource features.  This information is not deleted and can be recovered at any time.  For example, if you want to copy an event that you have archived or obtain sales data from an archived event, you can retrieve this event by going to:

  • "Events | Archive old events".
  • Tick next to the the archived event.
  • Click "save changes".
  • This event will now re-appear on your various drop-down menu options. 

Category: Managing Events

Keywords: archive events, past events

Last modified on Mon 4 July 2016