Import Customer Database to TicketSource

If you have an existing customer list or membership database you will be able to import this into your TicketSource account.

A customer database may be useful for keeping track of members and will allow you to use the Membership price category. This would require the customer's unique membership number to access the price and would be locked to the general public. It will also allow for faster entry when making in-house bookings as you will be able to select and auto-fill details from a customer's record.

You can Import your customers' contact details in a few steps:

  • Go to "Customers" | "Import Customers"
  • Click on the orange 'Upload Customers' button and select your import file. The format can be either comma-separated value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS) format
  • Choose which customer details and fields you want to import. You can select from the list provided*
  • Click the import customers button to complete

PLEASE NOTE: The upload will show a preview of the first few records but will include the whole file in the import.

Fields left unsaved will not be imported and will default to 'Do not use this column' 

  • To confirm, go to "Customers" | "Find Customers" and it will display the total number of entries and you will be able to filter using the search baron the right.

There is an option to tick to 'Exclude first/header row' if your first row has the column field rather than a customer record.

** When adding marketing preferences, there is a separate column for email, SMS and post.  Use the 'Y/N' format to confirm if the customer has a preference. If in doubt, always choose 'N' for no when it comes to the use of personal data.

Category: Managing Events

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Last modified on Wed 22 March 2017