Exporting your customer database – marketing activities

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This guidance relates to exporting customer contact details for marketing purposes.  If you need to contact your customers due to a change to an existing event for which they have booked, you are permitted to contact ALL customers who have booked for that event – please refer to guidance Exporting your customer database – notifying customers of a change to an existing booking.

Once you have obtained consent from a customer, you now have permission to export their contact details to enable you to send them information about your products, services and future events.  Please ensure that you are complying with Data Protection laws when exporting your customer contact list.

To export your customer marketing list:

  1. Go to 'Customers' and select 'Export Customers'
  2. Use the filters under 'Export customers’ details to select your Customer profile, which could include:
    • All events
    • All current events
    • For specific events (single or multiple)
    • By category and genre
  3. Under 'Export detail' select if you want to download just the Customer’s contact details or contact details plus booking information
  4. Tidy your list by using the export options (e.g. exclude customers if no email address is provided)
  5. Under 'Marketing consent' select the marketing communication type that you would like to download and whether you are downloading customer data for your own use or that of a third party
  6. Choose whether you would prefer to have your data in the form of a CSV or an excel spreadsheet
  7. Click on 'Export Customers'
  8. Your document will be downloaded to your device

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Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019