Exporting your customer database – notifying customers of a change to an existing booking

You can contact all customers if you need to notify them of a change to the event for which they have booked, irrespective of whether they have provided consent for marketing.  This may be a postponement or change to the start time, change of venue or information of any major disruption such as road works or parking restrictions that may require extra time when travelling to the venue.  This type of communication is not a marketing activity, so you are permitted to contact ALL customers for this purpose.

To export the contact details for all customers who have booked for an event, go to:

  • “Customers | Export Customers”
  • Use the first drop down box to select the event(s) for which you would like to contact ticket holders.
  • Under “Export detail” select if you want to download just the customer contact details or contact details plus booking information.
  • Under “Marketing consent” ensure that all boxes are un-ticked.
  • Click on “export customers”.
  • An Excel spreadsheet will be created that will provide the data you have requested, including all contact details available for the customers. 

Category: Managing Your Account

Keywords: export customer, change booking

Last modified on Mon 23 April 2018