How to Change your TicketSource URL / Web Address

When you sign up to TicketSource, a unique TicketSource URL /web address is created for your event listings and acts as a front facing public sales page for customers to book online. The link is generated based on the name of your company. For example;

Company Name:      Test Event Tickets
Web URL:         

The web address can be found on your dashboard (click the icon in the top left) under your account name, or in "Events" | "Publicise Events"

You can change this web address at any time by going to

  • "Account" | "Account Settings"

  • Next to 'Your TicketSource URL' you can change your web address

  • A green tick will confirm that it is valid, a red cross means it's not valid or already taken

  • Click "Save Changes" to apply

Category: Managing Your Account

Keywords: events listings page, pubic sales, URL, web address

Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016