Customise your customer-facing sales page

You can modify your customer-facing sales page to match your own branding and add a logo or image as a cover image.

To modify your colour scheme go to:

  • "Settings | Box Office Display".
  • Next to "Colour Scheme" there is a drop down box with a number of colour options.  Select a colour scheme close to your branding and you can customise the colours further by clicking on the individual colour boxes next to "Background Colour", "Font Colour", "Button Colour" and "Button Font Colour".  
  • Click to "save changes".

To add a logo or image to the header and footer, go to:

  • "Settings | Box Office Display".
  • Click to "Upload Cover Image" and search for the image on your computer.
  • Click to "save changes".

All images uploaded are subject to our acceptable use policy:

  • Images must not contain any offensive material.
  • Images must be in JPEG (jpeg, jpg), PNG (png) or GIF (gif) format.
  • Image height dimensions must not exceed 200 pixels.
  • Image file sized must not exceed 500Kb.

Category: Marketing and Publicity

Keywords: branding, customise, logo, sales page, footer, header, cover image

Last modified on Thu 20 December 2018