Recognise and reward your promoters

Have you got representatives working on your behalf to introduce people to your events?

If so, you may want to financially reward them for helping to promote your event. With TicketSource, now you can!

Track your referral bookings

Bookings made through referrals from your promoter can be tracked through the system by customising your web links. Normally, your web link will look something like this:

So, for example, if you want to track the bookings via one of your representatives, eg. John Smith, you can provide him with a personalised link, as shown in the following example:

Screenshot showing you how to track your referrals

Referral bookings in your Sales Report

So by appending the link with  ?ref=JohnSmith  the representative is able to use this link in their promotions, and any bookings that go via this link, will show in the ticket sales report with JohnSmith against the User Account column.

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Last modified on Thu 7 March 2019