Your unique TicketSource URL/web link

When you sign up to TicketSource, a unique TicketSource URL /web link is created for your event listings and acts as a public facing sales page for customers to book online. The link is generated based on the name of your company. For example,

           Company Name:     Test Event Tickets
Your TicketSource URL:

To add your company details go to

  • "Account" | "Accounts Settings"

When you have completed your account settings your unique TicketSource web link will appear in orange just below the account name on the dashboard.  By clicking on this link, you will be taken to your public facing sales pages (which is useful if you ever want to check the look of your page or event details listed). 

You will also have event-specific web links, html 'buy tickets' buttons and QR codes that you can find by going to:

  • "Events" | "Publicise Events"
  • Select the web link from the sub-menu
  • The HTML code, QR code or web link can now be viewed or saved

You can change your unique TicketSource web link / URL at any time by going to:

  • "Account" | "Account Settings"

  • Next to 'Your TicketSource URL' you can change your web address

  • A green tick will confirm that it is valid, a red cross means it's not valid or already taken

  • Click "Save Changes" to apply

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Last modified on Fri 23 September 2016