Add Google Analytics to your TicketSource account

Google Analytics lets you track visitors and see which email campaigns or link referrals are working the best to promote your event.

To add Google Analytics to your TicketSource account, you first need to sign up for a Google Analytics account.

Once you have signed up and you have received a UA tracking code, that is unique to your website, go to:

  • Go to "Settings" | "Analytics and Tracking"
  • Tick to 'Enable Google Analytics tracking on box office web pages'.
  • Enter your Google Analytics UA tracking code.
  • Click to save changes.

Reports will begin to appear for three URL paths on the Analytics reports for your own website:

  • Views for your event listings will register on your public sales URL e.g
  • Views for an event run will appear under
  • Views for a specific event will appear under

Your main public sales URL can be be changed. Click here to learn how to customise your URL.

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Last modified on Wed 22 February 2017