Reservations Report

You can view reservations by event or for all current events.  From this report, you can view the booking information, cancel a reservation or add a payment type. 

To view a reservation report for a specific event, go to:

  • Your dashboard (house icon).
  • Next to the relevant event, go to "Actions | Reservation Report" (if there is no reservation report in the Actions menu, this indicates that there are no reservations for this event).

To view a reservation report for all current events, go to:

  • "Reports | Reservations Report".
  • Use the filters to select all events, specific events (using the drop down menu option next to "for") and also if you would like to restrict the date range of the report.
  • Select "produce report".

When the reports are on your screen, you can undertake the following actions:

  • Link to the customer's contact details by clicking on their name.
  • View the e-ticket by clicking on the e-ticket.
  • Cancel the booking by going to "Actions | Cancel Reservation" next to the relevant reservation.
  • Convert reservation to a sale by going to "Actions | Set Payment Type".  You will also be asked if you would like to send the customer their tickets by email or to print tickets in-house (if you have a thermal ticket printer linked to your account). 

Category: Reports

Keywords: cancel reservsation, change payment type, reservation report, Reserve

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016