Sales report by ticket type

The event run summary report will provide you with a financial breakdown of your ticket sales along with ticket-type sales for an event run.  In addition on this report page, you will be provided with a pie chart to show your sales by ticket types and referral sources.

To run an event run summary report, go to:

  • 'Reports' | 'Event Run Summary'
  • Select the relevant event
  • Click on 'produce report'
  • Customise the report by moving tickets that you consider to be concessions over to the 'Concession Price Category' box by clicking on a ticket price category and using the arrows to move across
  • Click on 'update report'
  • Your report will now be displayed.  The report can also be viewed / saved as a PDF 
  • Below the report will be two pie-charts to show your sales by ticket type and referral sources

Category: Reports

Keywords: Sales report, ticket type

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016