Ticket Sales Reports - Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Within the ticket sales report, there are various filters to allow you to view sales reports over various periods. For example, daily, weekly and montly reports.  To view a ticket sales report, go to:

  • "Reports" | "Sales Report"
  • Under 'Display Transactions' you can choose to either view a ticket sales report for all events, all current events, one specific event or multiple events (by ticking the relevant boxes next to an event in the drop down list)
  • Under 'Sold During' you can set your date range, for example a specific day, week, month, year, etc
  • Under 'Report Detail' select either Full to see complete audit or select summary to see totals for each date.
  • Under 'Report Filter' you can filter the ticket sales report to show sales by an individual or by a specific payment type
  • Select 'Produce Report'
  • Your report will be displayed and can also be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) File

Category: Reports

Keywords: daily, monthly, report, sales, weekly

Last modified on Wed 22 March 2017