TS (TicketSource) ticket sales report

TS ticket sales are bookings made online via the website by credit and debit cards using TicketSource's payment processing.  It may be useful to view this report to see how much money is being held by TicketSource for your events (less booking fees - which are itemised in the report). 

To view a ticket sales report of TS bookings, please follow these steps:

  • Hover over the "Reports" tab at the top of the page and select the "Sales Report" option
  • Use the filters to select your report detail (e.g. all events, specific event, current events  etc.)
  • Under "Report filter" and next to "show", select "TS: TicketSource payments by credit/debit card"
  • Select the "Produce Report" button
  • Your report will be displayed and can also be exported as a CSV file or PDF document
  • Please note: the column "Amount (post discount)" is the amount that is currently owing to you once booking fees have been deducted

Category: Reports

Keywords: bookings, report, sales, ticket, TS

Last modified on Thu 25 April 2019