User ticket sales report

You can pull a ticket sales report for each user.  This may be useful if you need to reconcile takings at the end of a shift.

To view a ticket sales report for an indivdiual user for a specific date, go to:

"Reports | Sales Report".

Select "for current events only".

Select "the sales period between" and select that day's date.

Select "full ticket sales audit"

Under "Report filter" next to "Sold by" select the user name.

Next to "show" select the relevant payment type.

Click "produce report".

The report can be exported as an excel file.

For alternative reports (e.g.user ticket sales report over a week or for a specific event) please use the various filters provided on this report.

Category: Reports

Keywords: reconciliation, report, sales, User

Last modified on Tue 5 July 2016