What Reports can TicketSource run?

There are a variety of reports that TicketSource can produce and can all be found in the "Reports" tab.

(click the video for a walk-through guide of the "Reports" tab)

  • Sales Report -  A report to view your ticket sales figures, the report can be filtered for past and current events, or over a set time period and can filter between online bookings (TS: TicketSource) and in-house bookings.

  • Sundry Options - A similar report to the Sales but just for the Sundry items for a particular event or period.

  • Reservations Report - This report will include only reversed bookings and are kept separate from the main Sales Report. Within the report you will be able to modify the payment type so that a full booking is added.

  • Front of House - This report provides detailed information that will help you identify customers while your event takes place, it will include what the customer has booked, the section, number and type of tickets including the cost, payment method, delivery type and any additional information added.

  • Attendees Report - A report that includes the information about booked attendees, but will only show events where you have selected to "Capture the lead booker and all attendees' contact details"

  • Questionnaire Report - All answers to any questions that have been included in the booking process will show up in this report. Questions can be set up in the Event modifier pages.

  • Scan Report - Details either scanned or unscanned attendees for past or current events

  • Event Run Summary - Similar to the Sales Report, however the figures are broken down into percentages in tables and pie charts and only shows for a single event, or run of dates. 

The reports will also have an option to view and download as a PDF file, or to export as a CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet programme such as Excel

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Last modified on Tue 30 August 2016