Creating House Seats

You can add House Seats either when creating a seating plan or once your event is activated.

Add House Seats when creating a new seating plan:

  • Follow the guidance in "How to Create a New Seating Plan"
  • When you have created your seating plan and numbered the seats,  click on a seat that you would like to allocate as a House Seat and in the "Selected Seat Details" info box, tick next to House Seat. This will block the seats from sale to the public
  • Select "Save Changes"

You can amend your House Seats at any time for a live event:

  • Go to your dashboard (by clicking on the icon in the top left)
  • Next to the event, hover over the "Actions" button on the right hand side and select the "Set Ticket Availability" option
  • Click on the relevant section
  • Click on a seat that you want to block as a House Seat and in the "Selected Seat Details" box, tick next to "House Seat"
  • Repeat as required
  • To unblock a House Seat, untick the option
  • Click "Save Changes"

Category: Seating Plans

Keywords: add, amend, house seats, seating plan, set ticket availability.

Last modified on Wed 10 April 2019