How to Create a Cabaret-Style Seating Plan

Our seating plan creator is very versatile and can accommodate various seating plan layouts.  You can create cabaret-style seating plans using the seating plan grid by selecting seats in a square or circular pattern, leaving a space in the middle to represent the table.

  • Go to "Events" | "New Seating Plan"
  • Enter a seating plan name next to "Seating Plan Description"
  • Click to "Add new Seating Plan Section"
  • If each table has its own table number, you will need to create each table as a separate section and enter the table number in the "Section Details" box
  • To create your tables/seats, simply select your seats by double clicking on a box to turn it orange.  You can create your seats in a square or oblong to represent the shape of the table
  • To add seat numbers, single click in a box and type the seat number.  If a customer can sit at any chair on the table that they have booked, do not enter a seat number, leave blank
  • Once you have created a table, "Save Changes"
  • To create additional tables, click "Copy" next to your newly created table.  When the copied table appears, click "Modify" and change the table name/number in the "Section Details" box
  • Click "Save Changes"
  • Continue as required

When you have created a table, you can move it by clicking and dragging it into position.  You can also click and drag the stage to re-position. 

Click "Save Changes"

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Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016