Modify a Seating Plan

To modify an existing seating plan template (not applicable for a live event):

  • Go to "Events" | "Modify Seating Plan" and select the Seating Plan you want to amend
  • You can make a change to an existing seating area by selecting ''Modify'' next to the appropriate section or you can choose to delete/copy/add new sections
  • Each section can be rotated using the rotation arrows
  • Sections can be arranged along with the stage image in the auditorium space
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply any modifications

Modifying a seating plan template using this method will have no impact on any live event listing.

To modify a seating plan for a current event:

  • Go to "Events" | "Modify Event" and select an event from the drop down list
  • In the 'Ticket Allocation' column, click to 'Modify'
  • In the table, click 'Modify' next to the section that you would like to change
  • You can add or delete seats and rows as required or move / rotate sections
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply any modifications

Please note that you cannot delete seats/rows where seats have already been booked.

  • Any amendments made using this method will only apply to the specific event and not to the Seating Plan Template
  • If you have mutliple events, you will need to follow the above process for each event

Category: Seating Plans

Keywords: modify, remove seat comments, seating plan

Last modified on Mon 4 July 2016