Stripe integration - Event cancellation

If you have an integrated Stripe account with TicketSource to process your online and in-house card bookings, you are still required to follow the TicketSource cancellation procedure as per normal.  

For information on how to cancel an event, please refer to the guidance 'How to cancel an event'.

Once you have notified TicketSource of an event cancellation, TicketSource will process all refunds to your customers who have booked by credit or debit card (online and in-house).  The customer refunds will include the booking fee, as per our event cancellation policy. Refunds will be charged to your Stripe account and will be offset against current or future ticket revenue processed through Stripe. 

As our booking fees are deducted from your income, we will reimburse the value of the booking fees back to your Stripe account to cover the booking fee refunds processed for your customers. 

Category: Stripe Integration

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Last modified on Wed 6 July 2016