How do I install TicketSource PrintServer?

To print tickets through your Dymo or Citizen printer, you will need to install TicketSource PrintServer. To do so;

  • Log into your account
  • Go "Settings" | "Tickets"
  • Click on the 'Thermal Ticket Settings' tab
  • Download the TicketSource thermal ticket print server installer by clicking the link 'Download Thermal Ticket Print Server Software'
  • After downloading the TicketSource thermal ticket print server installer (setup_printServer.exe), locate the file on your computer and double-click it to start the installation 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the TicketSource thermal ticket print server on your computer
  • Following installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer 

You can also find the installer within your TicketSource account by hovering over "Settings" at the top of the page, selecting "Tickets" and clicking on the "Thermal Ticket Settings" tab.

Configuring TicketSource Thermal Ticket Print Server;

The TicketSource thermal ticket print server automatically runs in the background on your computer, displayed as a clickable 'TS' icon in your system tray (in the bottom right next to the date/time). Before you can start printing tickets you will need to link the TicketSource thermal ticket print server to your TicketSource account. You’ll also need to choose your ticket printer and ticket template from the available options.

  • Log in to your TicketSource account on the TicketSource website 
  • Go "Settings" | "Tickets" menu option
  • Click the "Thermal Ticket Settings" tab
  • Tick the option "Enable thermal ticket printing of your in-house bookings"
  • Click the "Add New Printer" link
  • Provide a description for your printer e.g. TicketSource Box Office and click "Save Changes"
  • Make a note of the Printer ID that is generated for the printer

  • To configure TicketSource thermal ticket print server double-click the “TS” icon in the system tray  
  • The configuration window will appear on screen
  • Enter the Printer ID that you noted down earlier
  • Click 'Apply Changes'
  • TicketSource thermal ticket printer server will establish a link to your TicketSource account 
  • Click the 'Printer Settings' option to specify your printing preferences 
  • Choose your thermal ticket printer from the list of printers installed on your computer
  • Select the ticket template that matches your thermal ticket stock from the list of available templates
  • Click 'Apply Changes'
  • You should now be able to click 'Print Test Ticket' to print a test ticket to your connected printer 

Further configuration settings are available under the 'General Preferences' and 'Update Checker' options. Click 'Close' to close the configuration window. The TicketSource thermal ticket print server will continue to run in the background on your computer with the icon displayed in your system tray.

You are now ready to start printing tickets from the TicketSource web site!

The 'Print Thermal Tickets' option is available on the booking confirmation page following each completed booking made by you in your TicketSource account, or by retrieving a customer’s record and viewing an existing booking.

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Last modified on Thu 1 September 2016